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ISSUE 26-27 - MONDAY 31 JANUARY 2022 - YEAR 9

Attribution 4.0 International License CC BY 4.0
# Telecommunications Engineering - Métrologie
Measurement Uncertainty in Network Analyzers:
Differential Error DE Analysis of Error Models
Part 6: FLOSS – Software Tools
N. I. Yannopoulou, P. E. Zimourtopoulos
Two software tools were developed to compute and illustrate the uncertainty estimation of one-port VNA measurements using Complex Differential Error Regions, DERs, and their corresponding Differential Error Intervals, DEIs, in polar and rectangular form. The first tool, [REGION], was written in Open Watcom FORTRAN F77 Compiler as a Command Line Interface for calculations and is the programming realization of the graphical DER construction presented by the authors in the previous part of this series. The second tool, [DERDEI], was written in Maxima and is used as a Graphical User Interface for illustrations. Both of them were written with these Open, Free and under continuous support software development systems, in order to be publicly available, since the corresponding previously written and used by the authors programs demand the proprietary Mathematica application. The presented tools were tested with our VNA system measurement data but they can be easily used with any other VNA data ensuring that the text files have the same, specifically defined, format, valid under SLO calibration for one-port measurements. In order to demonstrate our method a number of selected experimental results along with some extreme cases of DERs and their DEIs, under particular circumstances, are also presented. The developed software tools are available on the Internet as FLOSS Free Libre Open Source Software.